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Mongta media Vietnam is a webtoon & design studio. Since 2018, Mongta Vietnam has accomplished many projects in different areas such as character design, webtoon artist, background AI, 2D/3D animation, webtoon trailer & moving toon, emotion and multiple other products with excellent quality.
Mongta Vietnam is located in Ho Chi Minh city The company's employees are specialized students who have studied five years and graduated from the University Fine Arts. They work and implement different projects together.
Motion graphic designers create visually captivating animated graphics that tell stories, promote products and deliver compelling visual content. Motion graphics animation is great for creating sales and marketing content, training and educational videos, and types of video content.
Create animation in 3D for characters in Unreal Engine. Motion capture / keyframe. Work in sequencer, blend/ modify/ clean/ retarget. MetaHumans can be set up in your own projects. Real-time Motion Capture (or MoCap) data can be used to drive animations through Live Link.